Hire Foreign Workers With Ease.
Sometimes it is just not possible to find a skilled worker that your Company requires within Canada. This is where we can help. Hiring a TFW (temporary foreign worker) from another country is often the best option for your company if you are simply unable to find the staff you require within Canada.

Immigration can often be complicated to companies but we are here to help you find the work force you need to keep your business at the top. Bringing in foreign workers is not that complicated if you have a professional company to assist you with the legal obligations and the process of obtaining foreign workers, this is where preferred workforce can help.

It is a well-known fact that some labour shortages do exist in Canada. This could be due to environmental issues or the fact that many Canadian’s do leave Canada due to job restrictions or career options. The first thing that happens when you decide to seek overseas employment is that we obtain an LMIA (labour market opinion) form the ESDC (Employment skills development Canada) This is just a required procedure that is used to complete a work permit application and we are here to help you with this.

Once the LMIA has been obtained we then start the procedure to obtain a work visa or permit for your foreign worker. It is a misconceived perception that foreign workers are taking Canadian jobs from skilled workers. In fact, just the opposite is true. TFW’s are often paid slightly more than Canadian workers due to the extra cost of relocation and many companies seek TFW’s only after extensively searching for staff within Canada. TFW’s actually enhance the economy of Canada so don’t worry that you are giving jobs away to foreign workers. You are not. You are actually keeping the Canadian economy afloat and replacing skilled workers that Canada is rapidly losing.

If you are looking to recruit a foreign worker, look no further. Our experienced team are only a phone call away and we will help you with every procedure you need to take. Please visit our Employers page for more information.

If you are a foreign worker looking to obtain employment in Canada then we can also help you relocate to Canada and find work. Please visit our workers page for more information.