Looking to Hire Temporary Foreign Workers?

If you are looking to recruit an employee from overseas you have come to the right place. Based on your specific needs we will match the correct TFW (temporary foreign worker) to your company that can deliver all the skills you are looking for.

What is your service?

International recruitment is not as difficult as it may first seem and with our team of experts we can make the process straightforward for you. We will match you to a future employee on our books who are able to offer the skills you require. Then we will help you obtain the necessary LMO (labour market opinion) required, assist with the work permit and an extension to the work permit and also with helping your foreign worker gain permanent residence status in Canada if needed. We will help your future employee as well to make sure everything is covered regarding their relocation.

How long will it take to organize?

The process can take anything from three – six months and the timescale depends on what country your foreign worker is relocation from. Sometimes the process can be quicker, but if you allow the minimum of 3 months this will give you a good timescale to get staff cover while you wait for your TFW to arrive.

Where will my new employee come from?

Our foreign workers come from all over the world and it simply depends upon the skills you are looking for and what prospective employees we have on our books. Most commonly the workers tend to come from South America, Eastern Europe, India and Sri Lanka.

Does it matter what job position I need for my company?

No. We recruit staff for all areas including healthcare, hospitality, construction, engineering and much more.

What are my obligations as an employer of a foreign worker?

Your obligations to a foreign worker are no different to those you have to your other staff members. Your foreign worker will have a contract of employment and you must pay a minimum wage that is governed by the Government of Canada for foreign workers. You can find out more information by visiting: http://www.esdc.gc.ca/eng/jobs/foreign_workers/reform/info_emp.shtml

Do I have to arrange accommodation for my overseas worker?

Yes. We will advise the employer on how to find temporary accommodation and then when the emploees are settled they can look for other long term accommodation should they wish.

How long can my employee work for me?

This depends on many factors. Normally an employer will give the TFW the maximum work contract first allowed which is two years. Then, after the two years expires, if your employee is happy and you are happy you could renew and redo paperwork for two years.

I’m interested! What should I do now?

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